An Amazing Lack of Critical Thinking Skills

I love browsing the “Conspiracy” subreddit at Sometimes there’ll be an interesting post that catches my eye and actually provides some compelling evidence for a theory that I hadn’t yet heard of, which means I get to delve into all sorts of new information and try to interpret it alongside everyone else. Today was not one of those days. I feel like I too often forget how many extremely unintelligent or unaware people there are in this world. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t consider myself some sort of genius, but I can safely say that I’m fairly smart.  I’m not talking about people who haven’t gotten much schooling, can’t read, or even struggle with math. I’m talking about people who refuse to learn, who lack the self awareness to even consider the possibility of being wrong, and lack the ability to critically look at their own ideas as if it were one they disagreed with. These are people the people who not only lack the critical thinking skills necessary to actually arrive at reasonable conclusions, but also have the confidence to assert that what they say is fact, which is a dangerous combination.

The GIF in Question.

Today I came across a post on said subreddit implying that multiple ancient civilizations were somehow connected, and the evidence was, of course, very shaky at best. It starts off by showing different constructions from around the world, from many places in Peru and Giza, Egypt. It implies that since the building used similar methods of construction, they must be connected.  It then goes on to draw a line, starting at Easter Island, through the four areas in Peru, and finally through Giza. This line can cover the all of the areas at once, but you’re going to have to draw a thick line. I’d already seen this GIF on the subreddit a couple years ago, and had seen many people in the comments calling out the user who created the post for falling for such unreasonable and illogical evidence. When I was loading up the comments, I was expecting that same situation all over again, but was met with almost the exact opposite. People were actually supporting this idea. Of course all these old structures that are still standing used very similar methods of construction. Is it really that unreasonable that people discovered similar methods for lasting, structurally sound construction when faced with similar conditions and similar materials? As for the line being drawn through each location, that proves nothing. It can be dismissed as pure coincidence (and really this only happens when you make your line fairly thick, they don’t actually line up as well as the video leads to believe).


As far as the source of the GIF, it’s from a documentary titled The Revalation of the Pyramids and has already had many parts be debunked and discredited, so rather than do it myself, I’ll have this link here for your reading.


Every day it seems I lose more and more faith in these users, as I expect at least some level of scientific understanding and critical thinking, but am constantly let down.

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