First Post

Well, I can firmly say I have no real idea what I’m doing. Hopefully I’ll be able to look back in a few years and laugh at how nervous I was, how inexperienced I was, or how poorly written my posts were. All this site is, is me itching my desire to write. What about, I have no idea. I’ve always loved forming arguments and writing them out. I love doing research and finding data to back my points. There’s nothing I love more than a (civil) debate where both sides come away feeling as if they learned something. Ideally I’ll be writing at least once per week, but who knows. If you’re reading this, hello! I’d just want to say that it’s probably just the two of us on here, considering how many different people have the same desire – to have their voice heard. So, uh, hi.


I hope this is the first of many posts on my new site, and I hope I don’t begin to regret the domain name, not quite sure how pretentious “criticalcritique” is yet. All of this will come with time, though, so I’ll just have to keep writing, and hope things work out.


– Colton

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Just an 18 year old who's about to go off to college in a year. I enjoy music, math, science, philosophy, and politics. Before anybody asks, I have absolutely zero musical ability. I just enjoy listening to it. As of right now I'll probably major in Math and Physics in college, but that could easily change to something with politics or philosophy, or some weird mix, who knows.