First of all, sorry for the really pretentious website name, I couldn’t think of anything.


Just a guy who likes to write about stuff. It can be anything really, as long as it’s something that can be read through and argued for or against. Most articles are written in one go and are just word vomit, if I start getting traction I’ll start spending more time writing, but for now this is mostly just for me to have somewhere to throw my thoughts.


If you disagree with what I say – that’s great! Let me know (respectfully, preferably) in the comments! That’s what they’re there for. If you think I’m an idiot, tell me why. If you agree with me leave me a comment too, telling me why you agree, or what you base your opinion off of. Also, if you really like my work it’d be very helpful if you shared it on other social media sites. My goal is for people to read my work, so getting help like that would be much appreciated!


Now, more about me:

  • Political Views
  • Love reading opposing viewpoints
  • Going to college for Math and Computer Science
  • Love music – Danger Incorporated, nothing,nowhere, etc
  • Socially awkward
  • Bad at completing lists
  • Not funny